Todo List

Class core::data::buffer_t
figure out a way around incompatible core::data::buffer_t setups, perhaps by using structs to construct the class.
Class core::data::geometry_t

write an example of a custom stream.

support numbered streams (i.e. UV0, UV1, etc..).

Member core::data::sampler_t::mip_maxlod () const
this value is currently ignored in core::core::ivk::sampler_t.
Member core::ivk::material_t::bind_pipeline (vk::CommandBuffer cmdBuffer, core::resource::handle<core::ivk::framebuffer_t> framebuffer, uint32_t drawIndex)
drawindex is a temporary hack to support instancing. a generic solution should be sought after.
Class core::ivk::pipeline
find a solution around the warning
Class core::meta::shader
add a way to deal with push_constants
Member core::os::surface::register_swapchain (core::resource::handle<core::ivk::swapchain> swapchain)
can we hide this?
Class core::resource::metadata
check multi-cache
implement a more robust system for this.
Member psl::details::print_t<Args>::print_t (level_t level, const char*fmt, Args && ... args, const psl::source_location&loc=psl::source_location::current())
When Android implements source_location, remove the ifdefs and migrate to source_location
Class psl::serialization::details::anonymous_property<T>
add overloads for anonymous_property interacting with other anonymous_property's
Member psl::spmc::producer<T>::push (T && value)
Implement the backing storage as an atomic<shared_ptr<buffer>> for more logical cleanup flow.
Member utility::application::path::get_path ()
check if returning an empty path for android is correct behaviour.
Member utility::platform::directory::all_files (psl::string_view target_directory, bool recursive)
on android no search is run.
Member utility::platform::directory::erase (psl::string_view path)
android platform always fails this, is it possible this is not always the case?
Member utility::platform::directory::is_directory (psl::string_view path)
android platform always returns false. Check if there is a way around this or redesign this.
Member utility::platform::file::erase (psl::string_view filename)
android lacks an implementation.
Member utility::platform::file::exists (psl::string_view filename)
android lacks an implementation.